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Cameron W. Gardner, PP, AICP
        Principal and Founder

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We are experienced in but not limited to the following types of projects:

-Comprehensive Plan Review/Updating                         
-Health Impact Assessments (HIA's)
-Zoning Ordinance Review/Updating                              
-Incorporating Health Issues into Comprehensive Plans
-Community Design Regulations                                       
-Streetscape Design Guidelines                                        
-Demographic Analysis                                 
-Cost-Benefit Analysis                                                         
-GIS Analysis and Mapping
-Foreclosure Prevention / Mitigation Strategies

     Cameron is a licensed AICP certified planner. He has a master's degree in planning from Tufts University. He is also a New Jersey Professional Planner. He has experience reviewing site plans, developing master plans, creating redevelopment plans, drafting ordinances, making GIS maps, conducting cost-benefit analyses, and demographic analysis and projections.    
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