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Cameron W. Gardner, AICP
Cameron has been a licensed AICP planner for over 15 years.  
He has worked on many different project types including:

Comprehensive Plans;
Zoning Ordinance Drafting;
GIS Mapping and Analysis;
Rezoning work for Developers and Architects;
Redevelopment Projects;
Infill housing projects.

He has specifically worked on the:

Comprehensive Housing Evaluation - Monroe, North Carolina

Land Use and Open Space Plan - Lexington, Massachusetts

Master Plan - Washington Township, New Jersey

Redevelopment Plans for:

    Egg Harbor City, New Jersey
    Linwood, New Jersey
    Gloucester City, New Jersey
    Winslow Township, New Jersey

Foreclosure Prevention Strategies
Bill McCarter, AICP
Bill has been a licensed AICP planner for over 20 years.
He served as the Planning Director for Cleveland County, North Carolina for 28 years.  He brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to our firm.

He was responsible for:

Zoning and Subdivision Administration;
Minimum Housing Code Enforcement;
Implementing County-wide GIS system for Cleveland County;
Implementing County-wide zoning for Cleveland County;
Drafting a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO);
Developing the:
    Broad River Greenway;
    The Gateway Trail.
Creating a new Historic Preservation Commission / CLG;
Managing the entire Planning Department for Cleveland County, North Carolina.

His background running a planning department for many years allows Cam Planning+Design to understand our municipal clients issues and concerns when it comes to developing new comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and other types of projects.

This level of experience is invaluable to our clients needs.

Principal and Founder
Partner / Associate